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My journey


sculpture céramique contemporaine d'un animal le singe
Valérie Zahonero-Portrait.jpg
sculpteur céramiste contemporaine sculptant à son atelier

Above all autodidact, my best allies have of course been and continue to be my books, my technical experiences (not always very fruitful, but never devoid of interest ...), my desires and sometimes my meetings and finally and surely my passion, this wandering spirit which guides me daily in my works, my works .

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.



1989 to 1992: Studies and research in the field of Plastic Arts. Watercolors and oil paintings will be my prerogatives. The oil will make me discover a new aspect of creation. As and when my works, new journeys are offered to me. I taste a new freedom that seems so essential to me.

sculpteur céramiste contemporaine à l'atelier

1992 to 1995: Medieval archeology in Aude, for a while immersed in forgotten villages at the foot of these desolate castles. These archaeological sites form me to other horizons.     

1995 to 2001: Various training and studies in the tertiary sector and at the same time in the Plastic Arts.

2001 to 2003: Studies and personal research in the glass industry, the quest for new creative horizons. The magic of glass and its transparency will imprison me for a while.     

2003 to now. I professionally formalize my work.


2003/2004: Glass production only (fusing, Tiffany stained glass,

leaded stained glass).

2004/2005: In parallel with a glass production, studies and research in the field of ceramics, studies of modeling techniques, research of stoneware enamels, firing techniques.

2005 to 2009: Glass ceramist, very personal production ... mixing fusing and stoneware for decorative purposes. I mix the rigid work of glass with the softness of the earth for the rigid results of the earth and all in the poetry of the glass (at least for the sculptures that I was doing at that time) the journey of the spirit is still present , I advance ...

2009 to now: Full-fledged ceramic sculptor, I switch to a totally animal production, at the same time studies of different animal types accompany my personal research. A 45 ° turn, the fruit of this meeting which still accompanies me today and which allowed me to conceive a new aspect of creation.

2020: The news as we all know it, which has forced us to this physical confinement but certainly not intellectual, revives my demons and my research and more than all this need for freedom that creation allows me to satisfy. I am currently concentrating on my little "good women", cute little girls, another time a menine from another time, or even a rider of an unusual animal, having sketched the idea of making characters. in 2006/2009, I now create them in a whole new way, always trying to give them life, to find them a story, and perhaps for those who want to discover it a part of poetry.

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