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My techniques


How i realize

my sculptures

sculpture céramique contemporaine singe
atelier sculpture céramique contemporaine tortue

               Between us ...

              Each sculpture that I offer are unique pieces,



For the realization of each of the sculptures that you can

discover, there is first of all a process of reflection, in which I will approach each work, I would then move on to the technical aspect, that which belongs to ceramics and much more.

Valérie Zahonero-Portrait.jpg
            The 1st step and not the least, is that of the modeling, it is the main phase which makes it possible to note the skill of the sculptor or not, and which can already foresee the final aspect of the sculpture ...
           A second phase takes over, drying, but not
completely, because I have to engobe my sculpture so that you can find it with its pretty shades of color.
The engobing being a specific method to the ceramic which is posed before the 1st firing. The slip is a
thin coating based on clay which must be in agreement with the earth of the sculpture due to its drying and its cooking behavior, diluted and colored by mixtures of oxides according to recipes that I would have developed or                                                                  dyes (which are also based on oxides),
                                                              that I would patiently apply with a brush, but which can be applied                                                                     with a pistol .... I let finish my drying completely.
                                                                  I go to the oven and there no abruptness ... The sculpture is still                                                                          very fragile. After being very hot ... the temperature will rise to
                                                                     980 ° and of course cooled, I cook it.
                                                                      And there again a small coquetry ..., I pass a patina if the                                                                                   aspect of the sculpture requires it, it will be composed of oxide                                                                              juices of my composition and will allow to reveal the character                                                        of the sculpture.
                                   A 2nd and last cooking which can according to the final aspect of the piece be done using the raku technique and there it is something else ... or simply in an electric oven.
I then continue with a beeswax buffing, where the elbow grease is very good ...
But there it is not yet finished, after the work of ceramics, that of sculpture remains to be finalized, you will be able to discover that for certain work, elements come to supplement my work ... It will thus be necessary that I put them in shape.
All these details are specific to my work. They should not interfere with the charm that you will find or not in my works. They remain my path, the one that leads to my works which remain the mirror of my universe. A universe that I want to share now with you, and which I hope will enchant you and become yours.
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